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Grade: C-

SodaStream International Ltd. is traded on the National Market System (USA). StockDepuuty monitors SodaStream International Ltd.'s stock performance on a daily basis and compares its data to other traded companies in the sector of Beverages - Soft Drinks.
SODA's current grade is C-. We use key data like SodaStream International Ltd.'s revenue, its gross profit and net income to grade it. Our grading process is a unique algorithm, feel free to read our introduction page to learn more.

Ticker: SODA
Sector: Beverages - Soft Drinks
Stock exchange: National Market System (USA)
Currency: US Dollar

Factor Grade
Volatility: C
5yr performance: D
Price-Earnings Ratio: C+
Annual dividend yield: n/a
Gross profit margin: n/a
Profit margin: n/a
Debt to equity ratio: n/a
Cash ratio: n/a
Final grade: C-